North Battleford Conservation Officers received two individual calls regarding moose that had been illegally shot and killed on private land in the Prongua district between the dates of Sunday, August 20th and Wednesday, August 23rd. Conservation Officers investigated the scenes and located a bull moose in a field 8km northwest of Prongua and a cow moose in a field 2.5km west of Prongua, Saskatchewan. Officers found in both incidents that the poachers had shot the moose, drove into the standing crop to retrieve them, and then transported the animals to a nearby location to field dress them. If you have any information, such as the person or persons involved or a vehicle description, or saw any suspicious activity in this area at all, call the toll-free Turn In Poachers Line at 1-800-667-7561 or #5555 from a Sasktel cellphone. Violations can also be reported online at